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The largest stock of original and aftermarket moped parts for puch mopeds in the usa including freespirit, swinger, pinto, magnum, maxi, cobra, dart, newport, nostalgia, series b, murray, and more. First piaggio in italy produced the puch super maxi in the early 1990s. Relocating and do not have the time to fix it or take it with me. With a year range in mind, its easy to zero in on the listings you want and even contact a dealer to ask questions. Tips on buying your first moped sunday morning motors. Meanwhile, data below from kelley blue book, published in the. Depending on the method of disposal, there actually may be more than one blue book value for the consumers car, truck or suv. The company was founded in 1899 by the industrialist johann puch and produced automobiles, bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles. Puch has manufactured motorbikes since 1903 and scooter type motorbikes since 1952.

Get a free insurance quote today and see how much you can save. Batavus laura m48 engine laura m48 magneto right and clutch left covers are the same. Feel free to post pics of your mopeds or moped projects. A magnum is rare and is in a higher demand than a more common maxi model. Puch maxi s is the single speed full suspension model of the maxi line.

Motor still turns over freely but the gas tank has rust inside, not all the way through, its fixable. A perfect fit for urban commuters, scooters provide a quick and. Xpro 150cc moped scooter motorcycle scooter 150 adult scooter gas moped scooter blue 3. Then hero in india produced the hero puch automatic in the early 2000s. We grew up with these and they are gaining popularity again recently. The midrange from 20 mph up to the maximum of 34 mph hauling my 200lbs is just about the best of any 70s moped i have ever ridden. Understanding how a puch horn circuit works most puch mopeds built after the later half of 1977 through the mid 80s. After over 100 years, steyr daimler puch went out of business. They are very straightforward to work on and very resilient. Puch rhymes with book, like other manufacturers, developed mopeds for the us market which required different specifications to meet new regulations regarding their use and performance. Xpro maui 50cc moped scooter gas moped scooter 50cc moped street scooter aluminum wheels with gloves, goggle and handgrip orange. One of puch s most well known machines along with the magnum, the puch maxi is a moped fitted with a single cylinder, 49cc, two stroke engine. After 30 years working in the television industry as a sound editor, and time spent working as a newspaper reporter, as well as a writer for bikesport news and other.

Performance of a 2hp puch such as this example is exceptional. Today were proud to provide quality moped parts direct to your doorstep through an experience youll enjoy. Call or email us today to let us know what you think. It is fast, responsive and as easy to ride as a bicycle. Bush hog 1, cafe racer 5, cagiva 117, california scooter co 8, cam. Moped values and pricing youre looking for and with over 40 years of knowledge about motorcycle values and pricing, you can rely on kelley blue book. Batavus does not appear to be listed in the blue book per web search. Puch kstar kit is great for the puch maxi, magnum, free spirit, pinto, and any other vintage puch moped from roughly 1975 to 1985. Puchs most popular moped line in the us at the time was the maxi which was a standard lightweight stepthru. Make offer sears allstate puch hardtail 125 motorcycle headlight 810.

It was a subsidiary of the large steyrdaimler puch conglomerate. To conquer new horizons in style, choose a puch motorcycle. Puch moped for sale motorcycles for sale shoppok page 2. A perfect fit for urban commuters, scooters provide a quick and convenient way to maneuver busy city streets. This maxi came with chrome front fender and 5 star mag wheels. Puch values and pricing youre looking for and with over 40 years of knowledge about motorcycle values and pricing, you can rely on kelley blue book. The blue book value is applied to a unit assumed to be original stock. Tomos acquired a production license from puch to produce moped models under the. The vintagemoped resurgence thanks to their laidback ride, vintage mopedslike the puch maxi, peugeot 103 and general 5 starare zipping back to life. If the cylinder head has the puch name on it, then the moped is an original puch model. The maxi is a model of moped manufactured by the puch corporation.

I will not give free lessons to install this engine, sorry, no time. Choose your puch motorcycle to get the suggested retail or tradein value. Puch values and pricing youre looking for from 1976 to 1999. If not, is there any printed source which i could obtain a value for the moped. See more ideas about puch moped, vintage moped and custom moped. It has less than a thousand miles on it and a very solid ride. Jun 19, 2018 puch maxi s is the single speed full suspension model of the maxi line.

Bike research used bike research used bike prices compare. New old stock complete front wheel hub brake assembly for a puch maxi moped. Puch mopeds in all forms seem to be the most prolific of all 1970s moped brands. Puch mopeds are vintage motorbikes by austrian motor maker puch. The data used to determine prices in those books comes mainly from 3 sources. Good condition, has been in my family since it was purchased new in 1980. Jun 19, 2009 and parts were not a problem since that was the big brand of moped 90% or more of the mopeds were these puchs.

Small cost, with big performance, this kit is great for beginners and for the expert tuner. Puch e50 engine build 1977 mopeds moped parts, moped life. Two puch maxi mopeds for sale sold together they include the following. Psto 3, puch 2, puzey 11, qj 10, race bike 10, raider motorsport 4. And most of all, we hope we help you get back on the road, faster than before. Puch 1977 mopeds vintage moped parts and accessories. Its a 1979 all original puch magnum mkii moped that was running when stored back in 1985. This was the classic ms50 which was called by the small gas tank affectionately known as baby puch. View the puch maxi korado price to get the best deal on your motorcycle. Puch moped scooter nos new 3492538080 head lamp light lens. The moped making equipment was sold to three different countries.

New listing sears allstate puch moped moped compact scooter clutch arm spring. Find the kelley blue book value of your moped motorcycle with our easy to use pricing tool. Parts for puch s are widely available new, nos or used and remain reasonably priced. Touring models include fairing and saddlebags as well as standard accessories. Some call it the volkswagen of mopeds due to the ease of maintenance and their similarity through the years, just like a vw. Blue sold 1975 puch maxi s 49cc classic moped project pedal and pop. Understanding how a puch horn circuit works puch horn circuit. The puch maxi is a moped that was manufactured by the austrian manufacturing company. You can leave it mostly alone, clean up the ports, or port it like a metrakit.

In addition to the conveniences of a motorcycle, scooters have increased mpg, are very lightweight and are built with automatic transmissions. It is in amazing shape and was most recently running in 2015. May need a little more tuning for the cold air or its probably great for the upcoming spring as it is seems to run best and fastest at about 34 throttle. Puch gave up racing in the 1950s and splitsingle production ended around 1970. Richard skelton has been a motorcyclist since first taking to the road on a yamaha fs1e on his 16th birthday in 1976, and his first book, funky mopeds, was about the 1970s sports moped phenomenon in which he played an active part. The selection of puch models includes the puch 50 magnum x, which is known for its powerful engine. The drivers bureau directed me to the library to obtain the blue book value for the moped. Moped motorcycles select a make to find your suggested retail or tradein value.

Puch mopeds played a big role in the 1960s popular culture. Puch launched two new motorcycles, the 125 and 175 sv. Scooter values and pricing youre looking for and with over 40 years of knowledge about motorcycle values and pricing, you can rely on kelley blue book. Options for new and used puch motorcycles on ebay includes affordable options for any budget. Download the puch repair and owners manual from the moped riders website. It is also the the preferred source of information among auto and bike. I bought this about a year ago from a gentleman in boston for my wife. With gas prices as they are, i would buy a puch to ride around town even at my age.

You are suppose to have minimum of knoledges in moped mechanical to install this engine, or you will check for a puch repair book blue color to have the informations for the puch moped engines 1969 to 1984 as you may still found on ebay. Used scooters and mopeds, tomos price guides statricks. It was the moped that i wanted as a young teen and never could save enough for. Great savings free delivery collection on many items. She has since changed her mind about riding a moped.

Laura, motobecane, batavus, badger, angel, speed bird magneto covers all interchange, because they all have a 62 mm inner diameter. Understanding how a puch horn circuit works most puch mopeds built after the. Free shipping on many items browse your favorite brands. Does anyone know if batavus mopeds are listed in the blue book series. It all started with a moped shop with an apartment in the back.

For over 90 years, kelley blue book has been the trusted resource for used car values, helping car owners understand what their used car is worth. Select a 1977 puch maxi motorcycle value kelley blue book. To be completely sure you are buying an original puch moped, look for the vin number, the serial number and the puch trademark on the frame of the motorbike. Enter the vin number into the search box to find out whether you have a puch moped. Puch moped scooter nos new 207996 triple tree bracket green. Puch parts ms50, mv50, monza, maxi jmpb parts jmpb parts. Is there a kelley blue book for scootersmopeds and. Puch parts ms50, mv50, monza, maxi the first moped by the austrian moped brand puch appeared on the dutch market n 1954. Even though puch was a part of steyrdaimler puch, it still manufactured products under its own name, as well as for steyr puch and other companies. Great za 50 puch rebuilted used engine maxi pinto magnum. Puch korado moped by mark rosengarten i got this stylish moped two years ago, after nixing the kinetic and targa. This group is for people who want to post pics of puch mopeds,talk aboutpuch mopeds and anything related. They were imported into canada under the name bombardier.

You are currently browsing the archives for the 1981 buyers guide category. The kelley blue book suggested retail value is representative of dealers asking prices for a used unit in excellent condition. Puch, view blue book, qlink, view blue book razor view blue book schwinn, 9 price guides, segway, 2 price guides, suzuki, 3 price guides. Blue 1978 puch maxi with a transferable title in hand. First and foremost, do not use the kelley blue book or any similar publications to determine what you should pay or not pay for a moped. Browse available blue books matching scooters and mopeds, tomos. Puch rhymes with book manufactured in graz, austria. Then manet in slovakia produced the puch korado in the late 1990s. Move the blue wblack wire form the magneto side of the terminal block and move it to the same terminal as the green wblack wiretape or connect all the wires from the horn terminals together. And parts were not a problem since that was the big brand of moped 90% or more of the mopeds were these puchs. Get the best deals on puch motorcycle parts when you shop the largest online selection at. Puch maxi moped for sale in uk 61 used puch maxi mopeds.

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