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Ativ book 9 plus display issues microsoft community. Macbook pro is now challenged by samsung ativ book 9 pro. My computer has been having issues with suddenly shutting down without warning, and my battery indicator in my windows taskbar has been stating for the past month that my battery is damaged. Two machines with sturdy aluminum frames, plenty of ports and ultrahighres touchscreens. Samsungs new laptop is on display at some best buy retail locations. The article notes that the ativ book 9 spin is actually almost a pound lighter than the current macbook air and has more than twice the resolution. Samsungs ativ book 9lite slots in somewhere between mainstream laptop and tablet on steroids, though at first glance it looks unassailably like an ultrabook. The bottom line samsungs latest budget spin on a windows touchscreen, amd powered, ultrabookesque laptop has some flair, but the corners. Samsungs latest laptops are pretty similar, but with two major differences. Samsung laptops and netbooks for sale in stock ebay. Or mirror your smartphone on your notebook 9 spin wirelessly with samsung sidesync. The system gets the best battery life to date from a windows system running a core m processor. Today, when trying to turn on my computer, i found that it was completely unresponsive.

Samsung has all but killed the ativ brand, redebuting the previouslyannounced samsung ativ book 9 spin as the samsung notebook 9 spin. Weve added this product to our database but we havent actually tested it yet. The samsung notebook 9 pro is an awesome professional laptop. The samsung notebook 9 pro has a nice price compared with competitors, but a 15inch 2in1 with a multimode hinge isnt as easy to grasp as smaller alternatives. The brushed finish tends to pick up many fingerprints, and youll find yourself wiping them away very often, that has a. Samsungs rather expensive ativ book 9 plus was released some time ago and has been called the most beautiful ultrabook by some. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or instore pickup. Samsung has, for years, been playing in the ultrabook space that started way back with the series 9 laptops. The ativ book 9 is a brand for group of computers that are part of ativ laptop computer product line from samsung electronics inc. Samsung s latest laptops are pretty similar, but with two major differences. Samsung ativ book 9 2015 vs the apple macbook which is. We really want to love the samsung ativ book 9 lite, its supposed to be the machine for the rest of us who cant afford the superb samsung ativ book 9 plus but want high styling, a light load and. Despite different display sizes yet both featuring a fullhd resolution and overall dimensions see the table below for exact numbers, the new samsung notebook 9.

Features the samsung notebook 9 pen has awesome features that make it extremely versatile, including a touchscreen display, a builtin s pen, and much more. The good samsung fits a good number of ports into its very slim 12inch ativ book 9. The samsung ativ book 9 spin is built like a razor, with a sharp front edge and made entirely out of aluminum. The samsung ativ book 9, formerly known to many as the samsung series 9 np900x3e, is the epitome of what it means to be an ultrabook. While the pc doesnt have the staying power of the macbook pro, the highend laptop sports a. The samsung ativ book 9 spin is built like a razor with a shape edge, but it is made entirely out of aluminum. Samsungs ativ book 9 pro is another option in the lineup for business users seeking a new pc. Disconnect from internet, restart the computer in normal mode and try installing windows 8. The ativ book 9 pro will include a 3840x2160 display, while the ativ book 9 spin convertible has a. Book 9 is the flagship product of ativ line up and is designed with performance and portability in mind. If youre a samsung ultrabook sort of person, this one may check all the right boxes.

Samsungs new laptops issue a challenge to apples macbook pro. Find all answers, topics, software, warranty and more for samsung laptops. Thats the best weve seen yet for a series 9 machine, even if it doesnt match samsungs 9 hours claim. Samsungs ativ book 9 was among the pc industrys first responses to the apple macbook air. Samsung s pricey new ativ book 9 pro and spin look like worthy macbook competitors. Samsungs ativ book 9 spin looks to be a solid pc alternative for the macbook crowd. Each of these machines has plenty of fullsize ports. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. If you are not facing the issue in safe mode, you need to uninstall the display card from safe mode. Discover the latest features and innovations available in the notebook 9 pen. Samsung notebook 9 spin, pure black np940x3l k01us. Love this laptop i previously had the older samsung ativ 9 plus model and before this laptop arrived, i thought the ativ 9 plus was the best laptop ever made this newer version takes the cake. The shell has a dark blue, almost black, paint job that helps moderate the brushed. Samsung ativ book 9 style photos, specs, and price engadget.

Light, thin and thoroughly professional, the system emulated the air. Up close with samsungs ativ book 9 spin and book 9. The samsung ativ book 9 series consists of highend ultrabooks. Samsung released the samsung ativ book 9 spin, a pc that can yoga like. All models come with either intel core i5 or i7 cpus and solidstate drivessd storage. The windows mirror image of apples 12inch macbook, samsung adds more ports, but loses battery life. What prevents this ultrabook from earning a higher rating.

Cnet notes that unlike most ultrathin laptops, which use a mix of metal and plastic components, the ativ book 9 pro like the ativ book 9 spin has a rigid aluminum unibody frame that feels like it could withstand a tough backpack ride. Samsungs new premium 2in1 feels more like a cheap chromebook. Get access to helpful solutions, howto guides, owners manuals, and product specifications for your ativ book 9 plus from samsung us support. Rumors swirled in 2015 that samsung was going to abandon their pc efforts, and in fact we didnt see significant new models. Its built like a tank and the gorgeously sculpted aluminum chassis is fantastic. The bottom line samsungs latest budget spin on a windows touchscreen, amdpowered, ultrabookesque laptop has some flair, but the corners. The samsung notebook 9 pro packs in a ton of features, including a 360degree hinge, stylus and graphics card. Samsung ativ book 9 spin overview and full product specs on cnet. Samsungs 12inch ativ book 9 is a slim laptop that doesnt skimp on. Samsung reveals ativ book 9 pro and ativ book 9 spin.

Experience your slim and sleek laptops deliver powerful performance. Electronics free delivery possible on eligible purchases. They say that the spin is also built like a razor, with a sharp front edge and made completely out of aluminum. Get the best deals on samsung laptops and netbooks and find everything youll need to improve your home office setup at. Want something thats a bit like a macbook air, but with windows 8 and better specs fulfilling this sort of. Discover the latest features and innovations available in the notebook 9 spin. In the us, samsung uses the same spec 40w compact world charger for several machines including the samsung series 7 slate, samsung series 7 ultra overseas models with dedicated graphics get a beefier 60w charger, samsung ativ 700t. Samsung ativ book 9 spin attempts to crush surface pro. The bottom line formerly the samsung series 9, the rebranded ativ book 9 got little more than a change in name.

The ativ book 9 lite uses amd components and is offered at a more palatable price point. The ativ book 9 2015 is already available to purchase, and we managed to get our hands on one. Samsungs sidesync technology enables integration between samsung pcs and android devices for relatively seamless productivity. Up close with samsungs ativ book 9 spin and book 9 pro. It was released in 20 as successor of the samsung series 9 laptops. The new ativ book 9 2015 was the answer to apples macbook before it was even announced months later. Near the end of 2015 samsung reaffirmed their commitment to making laptops and we saw two new models, our. While samsungs recently introduced ativ book 9 spin and book 9 pro finally added the fullsize ports weve been missing, the notebook 9. The design is carried over from samsungs protoultrabook, the samsung series 9, which helped define the new thin and light.

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